A girl with the desire to connect deeply and capture your love for what it is

My Name is hannah

Lets cut to it

Hi friend, I am so happy your here. Meeting new people and seeing new places is one of my favorite things (above astrology, animals, and nature). Really getting to know someone and having deep conversations is my jam. If you love authentic laughter, deep conversations, and dancing like no one is around - you my kinda people.

I began using cameras at the age of 15 and every year it becomes more and more dear to my heart. Photography wasn't something I expected to be making a living off of, but somehow everytime I thought it was dying off someone else would ask for me to capture their love. So I like to say photography chose me and this is what the universe wants me to be doing. There is nothing I love more than connecting people on a deeper level and capturing raw moments. So, to all my past clients and future clients - thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and letting me be the person in the background for all your beautiful life memories.

I'm all about the feel good emotions and creating memories. I don’t want to force poses or make you hold awkward stances. I want to direct something that looks and feels natural and help you connect with the person you love on a deeper level.

I teach yoga at the CUTEST yoga studio - Kind Roots Yoga - and I'm heavy in meditation and feeling good in my practice rather than trying to get a physical workout. I love to incorporate my mindfulness techniques into my photos sessions to help couples feel more relaxed and comfortable! I even sometimes host moon circles at Kind Roots to share my love of astrology and moon rituals with others. I absolutely love when my photo clients join me over at my other home so PLEASE ask me when and where during our session!! 

I have wayyyy too many hobbies

When I'm not helping you plan the perfect session or holding a camera you'll find me a lil frizzy headed, bear foot, and digging holes for plants while sipping homemade lemonade outside most days. Other days I’m replacing dead plants with ones I claim won’t die this time… lets be real, I’ll be buying more next month (sorry nathan). I also loooove slack lining, skating (roller skates or long boards), acro yoga, hooping, taking deep breaths, and anything else that makes me feel free and happy to be alive.

Are we vibin?

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